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Jan & Janeline

To whom ever this may concern,

I am a mom of a 3year old boy now. I was raised my whole life with Staffordshire Bull Terriers. I seldom buy the Animal Talk and so our little boy starter looking at the pictures and for some reason he liked the Golden Retrievers and started calling them “Sasha”. We never encountered a dog with that name or have a dog of our own with that name. He was two at this stage. So where “Sasha” came from, only he will know. So, for this reason I thought what a nice Christmas present a “Sasha” will be for our little boy. I started to do some reading on the breed and it took a lot of convincing for my husband to agree. I then decided on Burenwag. The best choice I could ever have made. I received pictures every week as our “Sasha” grew till the day we finally got to meet her. We picked her up at the airport and “Sasha” became part of our family. She took to our little boy the second she got out of her crate. I was afraid that she would “tail” our other dogs or that she would favour one of us more than our little boy, but no. They were inseparable. Of course she went to town with us, she was by his side the whole day. They were like brother and sister. Our little boy didn’t sleep with us in bed anymore. He and Sasha slept in his own bed but in our room. Every night she had a bath with him.

Due to circumstances, we had to leave her behind just before Christmas. I spoke to Nolene on the phone about how heartbroken we are to not to be able to take her along with us for this short time. She was in good hands and in her home. Just a short time then we will be back with her. But little did we know that was the last time we could hold our Sasha and tell her we will miss her. Saying good bye took long that day. Grandma had to repeat the “Why Sasha could not go along” to our 2year old. Every day we made two phone calls back home to hear how Sasha was doing. We missed her more than she did us. On the 22 December we got the worst news ever…. Lightning struck our house and it burned down to the ground in 23mins. They couldn’t get anything out. Not one vehicle nothing. I phoned a friend and asked her to please go and see if she could get Sasha. My parents could not find her. She phoned me later on and confirmed that she found Sasha in front of our bed where she and our little boy had their afternoon naps on a continental pillow with the air con on.

We had Sasha for only a couple of weeks, but we had her for life. She was one of those dogs that you can never replace. She will always be a part of our life and in our hearts. We still miss her, so we got a “Sasha 2” for our little boy. “Sasha 2” is now almost 9months old. She will never replace Sasha, but she is also Sasha and Golden to us. It’s the same old story with our 3year old and his Sasha. I want to thank Burenwag Golden Retrievers for the family members that they have given us and I am great full for the temperament they have bred. They are truly every letter worth in the word “GOLDEN’’. Looking back and if I had to choose a breed again, Id’ do the same over again. Nolene…. You know how much I love your dogs, you heard my boy on the phone when I just called you so you too could enjoy their friendship. Vir jou se ek weer Baie Dankie vir Familie soos SASHA.

Aubrey & Johanna

Goeie dag Nolene.

Graag wil ek vir jou "dankie" sê vir jou om ons die kans te gegun het om een van jou honde-kinders aan te neem as ons eie.

Ek kan nog onthou die ou boodskappie wat ek vir jou gestuur het toe ons die "kind" op fb gesien het. Of dit jou hartsnare/trane geroer het sal ek nie weet nie maar jy het ingestem ons kan haar koop. Van ons kant af was dit ook maar n"gewonder"! Ons kon nie die hond sien of vashou nie. Ons moes maar vertrou op jou eerlikheid want, om so n klein dingetjie van die Kaap af Durban toe te stuur....wat n risiko. Sou ons nie tevrede gewees het nie wat dan gemaak?

Kon nie net in die kar klim en gou na jou toe ry nie....dis vêr!

Hoe tevrede was ons is seker jou vraag? Wel met die prag-kind en die lewe wat hy terug gebring het in hierdie huis, het ons nou al 4 kinders by jou gekry.

Baie dankie vir die kinders met elkeen hul eie eienskappe! Hulle is pragtig en n plesier.

Baie dankie vir jou hulp /raad wanneer ons daarna gevra het. Dit was dierbaar van jou en beslis wat n persoon soos ek verwag van n teler af.

Mag daar n goeie "voetspoor" dag vir jou en die kindertjies voorentoe wees.

Groete Aubrey en Johanna van Durbs.